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Alexandria International Book Fair in Action in Egypt.


Alexandria library

Alexandria library

The first International Book fair of Alexandria opened on September 16 and runs through the September 26 in Egypt’s second largest city. Set in the new fairgrounds in the Seyoof area on the outskirts of Alexandria, the fair has been characterized by major absences of people and a limited number of participating countries, with only Saudi Arabia and the host country being present.

The new fairgrounds in the Seyoof area did not ease things for people, placing the fair at a large distance from where average citizens can reach the location. For many it is simply too far.

While the place is smaller than the book fair held in February at “Kouta” fairgrounds, next to Bibliotheca Alexandrina (Library of Alexandria) and the gathering of faculties, it is more organized and more peaceful.

Ahmed Osman, a student at the faculty of law, commenting on the location told Bikya Masr that “it’s far of course, that’s why it’s slow. But you are sure that those people here are avid readers and didn’t show up by mistake.”

Omar Tarek, an engineer, said “a book fair should always be near people. When the book fair in Kouta is far from people from Seyoof, the one in Seyoof is far from everyone. Books should be made accessible as much as possible.”

Still, the Book fair is holding musical and cultural events, inspired by Alexandria mainly, considering the independent Alexandrian bands playing such as Massar Egbari and Station or the seminars influenced mainly by the status of Alexandria as a rich cultural city.

It’s worth mentioning that, The International Book fair of Alexandria is one of the three biggest book fairs that take place in Alexandria, along with the Book fair held in Kouta Fairgrounds and the one held in Bibliotheca Alexandrina.

Most people agree that this book fair is slow in attendance and poor in content, and they will wait for the one in Kouta or Bibliotheca Alexandrina for a better experience.

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