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2,200-year-old mummy Diagnosed With Prostate Cancer

Scientists have diagnosed a 2,200-year-old mummy with prostate cancer, suggesting that the disease is linked to genetics rather than the environment. 

This is the oldest case of prostate cancer discovered in ancient Egypt and the second oldest in the world.  The oldest detection of prostate cancer came from the 2,700-year-old skeleton of a Scythian king in Russia, and led scientists to suspect that cancer was actually quite prevalent in the past despite rare recorded cases.

The 2,250-year-old Ptolemaic mummy, which revealed tell-tale signs of metastatic prostate cancer under high-powered digital imaging.Oldest case in Egypt: The 2,250-year-old Ptolemaic mummy, which revealed tell-tale signs of metastatic prostate cancer under high-powered digital imaging. (Instituto dos Museus e da Conservação, I.P., Lisbon )
The genetics or environment question is crucial to understanding cancer.

Researchers said that living conditions in ancient times were very different.  There were no known pollutants or modified foods, which suggested that the disease is not only linked to industrial factors.

“Cancer is such a hot topic these days; experts are constantly trying to probe in hopes of answering the one question- when and how did the ailment really evolve?”  said professor Salima Ikram of Egyptology at The American University in Cairo (AUC).

Researchers used high-resolution computerized tomography scans on the Egyptian mummy, known as M1, from the collection of the National Archaeological Museum in Lisbon.  The images showed that there were patterns of round and dense bone lesions located in the mummy’s pelvis and lumbar spine, which were signs of the prostate cancer.

“The bone lesions were considered very suggestive of metastatic prostate cancer,”  the researchers wrote in the International Journal of Paleopathology.

The mummy was that of an adult male with a height of five feet and five inches who lived between 285BC to 230 BC and died when he was between the ages of 51 to 60-years-old, according to researchers.

Images also showed that the mummified man suffered from lumbosacral osteoarthritis and that there were several post-mortem fractures that were probably produced when the mummy was shipped to Europe.

Digital X-ray scans revealed that the mummy had been buried with crossed arms, a common pose in Ptolemaic mummies, which in the New Kingdom was often associated with royals.

M1 was buried with a cartonnage mask and bib, and had a decoratively painted veil.

Prostate cancer develops in the prostate, a walnut-sized gland in the male reproductive system, and may spread to other pelvic regions like the lumbar spine, upper arm and leg bones, the ribs, and can ultimately spread to most of the skeleton.  Problems with urinating, sexual intercourse or erectile dysfunction are all likely symptoms of the disease.

Ikram said that there are more deaths that can be attributed to cancer today because of longer life expectancies.

“Life expectancy in ancient Egyptian societies ranged from 30 to 40 years, meaning that those afflicted with the disease were probably dying from reasons other than its progression,” Ikram said.

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Egyptian archaeological discovery in the Valley of the Kings on Luxor’s West Bank.

New archaeological discovery at the Valley of the Kings - Amun Re singer Ni Hms Bastet

New archaeological discovery at the Valley of the Kings – Amun Re singer Ni Hms Bastet

The tomb of Amun Re singer Ni Hms Bastet was discovered in the Valley of the Kings on Luxor’s West Bank

A deep burial well was found during a routine cleaning carried out by a Swiss archaeological mission on the path leading to King Tuthmosis III’s tomb in the Valley of the Kings. The well leads to a burial chamber filled with a treasured collection of ancient Egyptian artefacts.

Mohamed Ibrahim, Minister of State for Antiquities, said that further inside the chamber, excavators stumbled upon a wooden sarcophagus painted black and decorated with hieroglyphic texts, and a wooden stelae engraved with the names and different titles of the deceased.

Early studies carried out by the Swiss team revealed that the tomb dates back to the 22nd Dynasty (945-712 BC) and it belongs to the daughter of Amun Re, lecture priest in Karnak temples and also the singer of the God Amun Re.

Excavations are now in full swing in order to reveal more of the tomb’s treasured collection.

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Egypt will be the first Arab Country Partner in the ITB Berlin 2012.

Egyptian tourism will be witnessing a prime event during 2012, as Egypt has been named Country Partner in the ITB Berlin 2012, which will take place during the period from March 7th to March 11th, 2012. Egypt will be the first Arab Country to be hosted as a Country Partner in the ITB Berlin.

The ITB Berlin hosts around 17,000 visitors, and is considered the largest international congregation for experts in the tourism industry. This prime event provides Egypt with an ideal platform and a unique opportunity to present its diverse touristic portfolio, which makes it one of the world’s most attractive holiday destinations all year round to the German and international markets.In 2011 and during the first months of 2012, the Egyptian Tourism Authority has, and will promote Egypt as a country partner in the ITB Berlin in all exhibitions and international forums, such as the IMEX held in Germany in May 2011, and the WTM held in London in November 2011. Besides, a promotional campaign for the event is set on the official website of the Egyptian Tourism Authority”” and also through various social networks.

Furthermore, the Egyptian Tourism Office in Frankfurt has been participating in all important events taking place in the various cities of Germany, especially the Tutankhamen exhibition in Wiesbaden held in June 2011, the World Equestrian Festival held in August 2011, the Berlin International Economics Conference held in September 2011, the Global Forum for the Development and Enhancement of Communication between the air carriers and airports in October 2011, as well as, the 4th Annual Golf Tournament, initiated in Germany and was ended in Hurghada, Egypt, with a closing ceremony at Habo Temple in Luxor in December 2011, in the presence of a huge media coverage. The Egyptian Tourism Office in Frankfurt, also exploited all major events held by the German Chamber of Commerce to promote this event, as well as other cultural activities across Germany.

Over and above, intensive advertising campaigns, aiming the Trade sector, were launched in major German publications specialized in tourism and travel, as well as, organizing a number of trips for major German tour operators and travel agents, perhaps the most important was a trip in cooperation with the Turkish Airlines in Germany and with Sun Express for charter flights.

In terms of advertisement aiming the public, the Egyptian Tourism office in Frankfurt prepared an intensive campaign to cover the fair before, during and after, using all traditional and non-traditional means of advertising to support Egypt’s media presence, starting January 2012.

Also, The Egyptian Tourism Authority will be organizing several events, in Egypt and Germany, to promote this important occasion, which includes a press conference on the 20th of December to announce the event, and will also sponsor a number of artistic events such as the concert of Sama3 Band to be held in January in one of the churches in Berlin, whereby a message of love and peace will be sent from Egypt to the whole world. A second press conference will be held in Berlin in February 2012 to promote Egypt as a key partner in ITB, besides other cultural and artistic events, confirming Egypt’s presence as a prime touristic destination.

On another note, Egypt’s Pavillion will be held at Hall No. 23A of the International Congress Center in Berlin in an area covering 2526 m² with the participation of 120 travel agencies and hotels. The “Unique Fusion “and “All-Round Welcome” will be the main themes further expressed through the design of the Egyptian Hall where the Ankh iconic symbol of life, one of the Pharaonic icons of ancient Egypt will be the consistent visual cue for Brand Egypt in the ITB, over and above exhibiting touristic products in Egypt and a model of an Egyptian bazaar will be set, displaying handicrafts products and folkloric activities, to reflect the true Egyptian spirit, offering tourists a unique and lively experience of an old Egyptian souk.

The event will also witness the launch of the new advertising campaign, “We Are Egypt,” a message of peace and hospitality sent by the people of Egypt to the whole world, inviting them for an unforgettable experience.


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Crocodile museum to open in Aswan, Egypt


The first “Museum of Crocodiles” will open this month in front of the Temple of Kom Ombo in Aswan, a busy tourist area on the East bank of the Nile, southern Egypt.


Forty mummified crocodiles of ranging in size from 1.5m long to almost of five metres long will be exhibited, according to Egypt’s tourism authority.

The museum, which is opening in time for Aswan’s National Day in January, will also feature statues of Sobek, known by Ancient Egyptians as ‘the crocodile god’.


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