The exhibition of Tutankhamen will be held in Japan for $7 million


General Secretariat of the Supreme Council for Antiquities released a decision to newly appointed Minister of Interior take over the Ministry of Antiquities, concerning their consent to hold the Tutankhamen exhibition in Japan.

The council released an order for the transfer of the monument along with the head of the museum sector, media coordinator and four journalists by the end of December.

The exhibition will be held for a year in two cities in Japan for the benefit of U.S. $7 million.

This decision was made is contrary to the decision of the Head of Department of Foreign Exhibitions of the Supreme Council of Antiquities, who prepared a document a few months ago recommending to refuse the exhibition to be held in Japan.

the Supreme Council of Antiquities considered the bad weather in Japan, including the previous tsunami and the current nuclear leak from nuclear energy stations.

The opening of the exhibition was discussed again during the period when Mohamed Abdel Fatah was the head of the General Secretariat of the Council. Abdel Fatah agreed to the previous recommendation concerning refusing the opening of the exhibition in Japan. The current secretariat of the council Mostafa Amin decided to hold the exhibition in Japan after the environmental state in Japan stabilized.

The Japanese Company is organizing the exhibition and promised to choose the most secure cities in Japan. The exhibition will be held for a year, six months in Tokyo city and six months in Osaka city. The exhibition will be held in Japan with the benefit of U.S. $7 million.

The exhibition includes 131 rare ancient pieces from King Tutankhamen’s collection. It will be transferred from Australia to Japan in two trips, the first on December 14 and the second on December 15.

Youm7 was told there is a team of archeologists in Australia counting the pieces and covering it to be transferred. The council received a total sum estimated at U.S. $40 million from the exhibition.

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