Egypt Tourism Hosts Tennis Event at Port Ghalib Resort

Port Ghalib, Red Sea.

Port Ghalib, Red Sea.

Under the auspice of the Ministry of Tourism and Egyptian Tourism Authority, one of the important events in the International Tennis Federation will take place. The 17th Worldwide Tennis Coaches Conference will be held in Egypt at Port Ghalib resort.

The Conference is held every two years and is attended by a large number of tennis coaches and experts, representing around 110 countries. The five-day conference will provide tennis coaches with practical on-court coaching presentations, in addition to the latest sport science information and education.

All preparations are being made to ensure the facilitation the success of the event and appropriate reception of the guests. Choosing Egypt for this great event comes after its success in hosting the Women’s World Championship in 2011. Egypt won the destination to host the conference after a strong competition with American, Indonesian and Chinese destination. The conference has previously been held in Florida, US in 1982; in Valencia, Spain in 2009 and in Morocco in 1999.

Port Ghalib Red Sea has partnered with the Egyptian Tennis Federation to host the conference, which takes place every two years. More than 500 coaches are expected to participate in this year’s event. This announcement comes as part of the ministry’s efforts to promote tourism and display the diversity of Egyptian resorts for featuring sports tourism.

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One thought on “Egypt Tourism Hosts Tennis Event at Port Ghalib Resort

  1. Hi Egyptcairoholidays,
    I know what you mean, well, i work in a tourism company and my job is to advertise and the such.
    so i came up with an idea to do some sort of a raffle event, and the winners get free or EXTRA discounted tickets to go to hot spots for spring break – whether it’s domestic (egypt) or abroad.
    thing is, i’ve never actually hosted a raffle event before. so what do i have to do in order to start up a raffle event? i could wait another year, for next year maybe, i just want to get a good plan set. and is it .. legal? or do i need a license or anything of the sort? and what type of problems would i come across that i would like to try to avoid if hosting a raffle event?

    ten points for BEST answer. x

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