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Egypt Tourism Hosts Tennis Event at Port Ghalib Resort

Port Ghalib, Red Sea.

Port Ghalib, Red Sea.

Under the auspice of the Ministry of Tourism and Egyptian Tourism Authority, one of the important events in the International Tennis Federation will take place. The 17th Worldwide Tennis Coaches Conference will be held in Egypt at Port Ghalib resort.

The Conference is held every two years and is attended by a large number of tennis coaches and experts, representing around 110 countries. The five-day conference will provide tennis coaches with practical on-court coaching presentations, in addition to the latest sport science information and education.

All preparations are being made to ensure the facilitation the success of the event and appropriate reception of the guests. Choosing Egypt for this great event comes after its success in hosting the Women’s World Championship in 2011. Egypt won the destination to host the conference after a strong competition with American, Indonesian and Chinese destination. The conference has previously been held in Florida, US in 1982; in Valencia, Spain in 2009 and in Morocco in 1999.

Port Ghalib Red Sea has partnered with the Egyptian Tennis Federation to host the conference, which takes place every two years. More than 500 coaches are expected to participate in this year’s event. This announcement comes as part of the ministry’s efforts to promote tourism and display the diversity of Egyptian resorts for featuring sports tourism.

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Egyptian monuments remains under UNESCO list of international heritage.

Salah Din Citadel -  Mohammed Ali Mosque

Salah Din Citadel - Mohammed Ali Mosque

A source in UNESCO’s Cairo office said Egyptian monuments will not be removed from the world heritage list after Egypt was voted out of the World Heritage Committee in elections conducted on November 7.

The source also said Egypt’s monuments will remain in the list of monuments that should be protected and kept as international heritage.

The source told Youm7 there is no permanent committee member, adding that the membership of a country should end after their term. The source also said it is not unusual the general assembly elect nine new members to replace the countries whose terms ended.

Algeria, Colombia, Germany, India, Japan, Qatar, Malaysia, Senegal, and Serbia are the nine countries elected for four-year terms.

The World Heritage Committee meets once a year and works to execute the world heritage agreement to keep the UNESCO list of international heritage.

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French Consul “Bernard Renaul” paraises security in Sharm El-Shiekh, Egypt

French Consul to Egypt Bernard Renault said that he would relay the true image of Sharm el-Sheikh to the French people, expressing admiration for the resort city during the opening of a public garden in Sharm el-Sheikh with South Sinai Governor Khaled Foda.

He added that Sharm el-Sheikh enjoys security, stunning views, and high quality hotels and restaurants.

He added that his visit to Sharm el-Sheikh aims to encourage French tourists to visit the Egyptian city in the coming period and support Egypt’s tourism.

Governor Foda said that cooperation between the French city of Grasse and Sharm el-Sheikh would be begin soon in support of the cordial relations between the French and Egyptian peoples.

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2,500 Israeli tourists visited Sharm el-Sheikh.

Yachts on Sharm El-Shiekh,  Red Sea

Yachts on Sharm El-Shiekh, Red Sea

The first tour group from Israel arrived at the port of Sharm el-Sheikh on the 1st of November. They arrived to Egypt on the passenger ship ‘Aida Diva’ from the Israeli port of Eilat. This marks the beginning of the tourism season, which begins Tuesday until the end of April 2012.

According to reports, the tour group includes 2,500 tourists from Israel and different nationalities. The tourists will spend the day in the city of Sharm el-Sheikh then off to Safaga and continue onto tour of Egypt.

The sources added reservations of tourist companies with Egyptian ports show a large turnout of foreign tourism to Egypt and in particular the port of Sharm el-Sheikh, which is expecting arrivals from more than 100 companies.

This indicates the relative improvement in the situation of Egypt and its ability to achieve security after a wave of insecurity experienced after the January 25 Revolution.

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ECTAA & The Egyptian Authorities Discuss Ways to Promote Tourism in Egypt

The European Travel Agents’ and Tour Operators’ Association met the Egyptian Minister for Tourism, Dr.Monir Fakhri Abdel Nour, and the Chairman of the Egyptian tourist authority, Mr Amr El Azabi, to discuss how  to revitalise and strengthen tourism in Egypt.

For the European travel industry Egypt is a holiday destination of paramount importance and this meeting is the first step towards a broader collaboration that will target promotional and communication activities as well as addressing practical problems and issues of tour operators in Egypt, for the benefit of both Egyptian and European tourism operators and ultimately of the consumer.

Said Chairman of the Destination and Sustainability Committee, Mr. Claude Perignon: “The past political events have created a faulty image of Egypt. Together, European tour operators and Egyptian Authorities have to convey to customers the feeling that they are welcome in Egypt and that their safety is guaranteed. We will work together to improve the image of Egypt and deliver high quality tourism services, so that travellers can fully enjoy the natural, historic and cultural richness of this beautiful country. Now it’s the time to bring back tourists to Egypt!”

ECTAA represents the national associations of travel agents and tour operators of 29 European countries. Altogether it represents some 70.000 enterprises.

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“Characters of Egypt” festival in Aswan, met great success !

Nile River, Aswan

Nile River, Aswan

Under the auspice of The Ministry of Tourism and the Egyptian Tourism Authority, the Characters of Egypt Festival took place from 27-29 October 2011. The festival is an annual event that has been organized for four consecutive years.

This year, the festival took place in Aswan in the Island of Heisa on the River Nile. Aswan was chosen by the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) as a successful case study to showcase the theme of the 2011 World Tourism Day: “Tourism – linking cultures.” The World Tourism Day was celebrated last year in Aswan on 27 September in this same location.

An estimated 33 tribes participated in the festival coming from South Sinai, North Sinai, El Ababda, El Bashareya, Nubia, El Hassayba and Siwa. The tribes were divided into seven groups. Besides the music and dance shows that characterize each tribe, poetry and stories telling and a number of informative workshops displaying indigenous practices, beliefs, cuisines, clothing, music, art, literary traditions, friendly sports competitions and conversations were performed during the event. The Characters of Egypt Festival provides guests with the chance to catch a glimpse of life as it exists in the different areas of Egypt’s extensive deserts.

The objective of Characters of Egypt festival is to create a platform of awareness of cultural variances amongst different ethnic and tribal groups and Nile River valley inhabitants. The event offers a rare opportunity to link diverse cultures from all corners of Egypt, experience cultural exchange and connect over their common bonds. Egypt has a rich history of tribal heritage shown in their many dialects and languages.

The island of Heisa is one of the oldest Nubian villages comprised of six Nubian tribes totaling 1,000 habitants. The objective of organizing this year’s festival in this Island was to promote it as a touristic destination. In fact, during the past three years, Characters of Egypt Festival was organized in the south area of the Red sea, which resulted in improving the cultural exchanges in this area and promoted tourism in Wadi El Gemal protectorate, placing Marsa Alam as one of the prime eco-tourism destinations worldwide.

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