Youth Convoy to support ecotourism in the White Desert Protectorate in Wadi Gedid

Egyptian Minister of State for Environmental Affairs Maged Ilyas Ghattas yesterday announced the arrival of the first youth convoy to support ecotourism in the White Desert Protectorate in Wadi Gedid, the Upper Egypt governorate.

The youth convoy will spend four days in the protectorate, and they will work in cooperation with the Sea Scouts and with the Environmental Researcher Program.

The convoy will attempt to purify the Roman wells and archaeological sites. They will also work on road maintenance programs.

The youth will hold a cleaning campaign in the protectorate as well, Ghattas said, adding that they will remove weeds and parasites and maintain underground aquifers.

Roman wells, which serve both residents and tourists, are the only source of drinking water along the road leading to the protectorate.

The protectorate is considered an important habitat for many kinds of gazelles and birds.

The participants will also build a large umbrella next to the Saro well to help with tourism.

The civil police forces and criminal investigation teams are still in the process of arresting those who were illegally using excavation tools in the protectorate.

Reference: youm7

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