Hawass visits U.S. to encourage tourism in Egypt

Thursday  Jun 9, 2011 – 16:22


CAIRO: Egyptian Minister of State for Antiquities, Zahi Hawass, will fly to the U.S. to give conferences and lectures in five U.S. States. His visit aims to encourage tourism to Egypt.
The lectures will be given according to a deal made between Hawass and the Minister of Tourism, Munir Fakhry, with regards to increasing national and archeological income. This deal was made given that an increase in tourists will lead to more archaeological projects.
Hawass will discuss in the U.S. the role of the youth during the January 25 Revolution when they gathered around the Egyptian Museum to protect it.
He will also focus on the safety that tourists received as they left Egypt during the revolution. Egypt’s ancient history will attract more tourists after Egypt achieves democracy, said Hawass.
Hawass met with Germen and Belgian reporters, and discussed archeological projects especially those concerning Egyptian excavation missions in Wadi al-Molouk.

A scientific forum for archeologists of the Ministry of Antiquities will be held on June 12.
The forum will last for five days and will discuss around 60 scientific research projects related to Egyptology, Islamic and Coptic archeology and archaeological excavation.
Hawass said the forum will witness the announcement of the results of 29 excavation research projects.
A special committee will be formed to display the monumental pieces that were reclaimed after being stolen from the Egyptian Museum on January 28, said the rapporteur of the forum, Hesham el-Laithi.

Source: http://english.youm7.com

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