Businessmen call for reviving Egypt’s tourism

wednesday  Jun 8, 2011 – 14:25


CAIRO: Egyptian businessmen are joining the call to solve the problems in Egypt’s tourism sector and find a way to bring tourists back to Egypt. The tourism committee of the Businessmen’s Association, chaired by Omar Balei, has called for creating a new strategy.

The committee said it is necessary to improve security presence inside tourism villages and towns as this will help revive tourism. The plan aims to market to the home countries of tourists and offer incentives for tourists to come to Egypt.

According to the plan, the incentives include allocating a percentage of the marketing budget to fund tourism for the organizers of foreign flights after knowing the number of tourists in each city. Any company which has the exact number of tourists will be paid one or two dollars for each tourist.

The committee called for postponing 2010 tax payments until the sector is revived and for activating a tourism supreme council to consider the tourism situation.

The association asked to modifying prices for tourism lands, bank funding on tourism projects and to establish small projects near cities.


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Posted by: Mohamed Mokhtar


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