Exploring El-Fayoum City with Memphis Staff. Part I

Memphis Tours Egypt is very curious to deliver the proper information about the mentioned sightseeing on our website, so we are very keen to update it with the latest news, and its never enough for us to just read about them, so we send a team of experts to find out the locations for giving you all the proper answers to your questions and to provide you with the best recommendations about such places. And hereunder is the adventure made by our professional staff, fetching out El-Fayoum City and places around to provide the best tours ever:

First let us introduce these people who have been assigned for this mission:
Mohamed Amer
Ahmed Fayez
Hassan Musleh
Mohamed Mansour
Mohamed Khalil
Bahaa AlAyee
Zakaria Hussein

And now please allow us to narrate the story of these two days we spent exploring the sightseeings and the city for you.

Water Wheels at Fayoum

Water Wheels at Fayoum

In the early morning of May 24th, 2011 by 08:00 AM we started the day heading from Cairo city to our target(El Fayoum) it took us around one hour driving with Memphis Tours 4×4 GEEP (90 km) to start the day with the fascinating water wheels (sawaky). The city has a lot of them but we made it different to go deeper in the city with a local guide to some other places where you can really enjoy these wheels and take the most beautiful pictures out of them. We knew everything about these wheels and its history and we got ready to answer all of your questions about them. Then we proceeded to fulfill your lunch break time and taste the best of their food, we really enjoyed eating the fresh fishes with their special rise and salads and shrimps beside it with squeezed limon to give out the full taste, we ended up with the tea and some of us had coca to drink.


Wadi El-Rayan, Fayoum, Egypt

Wadi El-Rayan, Fayoum, Egypt

Right after the lunch time we carried on driving for about (40 km) to reach the cataract, the water falls known as (Wadi Arayan) to regalse our eyes. The fact is that the cataract is not that big neither deep, but the whole view with the lake close to you and the semi desert atmosphere gives you the feeling of the self relief which we all looking for in a trip. We spent there sometime and had tea on a very local and simple cafe there and then continued our plan to the new discovery known as Madinet Madi (Madi City) about ( 28 km) from Wadi Arayan. When you get there you get amazed of such Roman city which been buired for so many years and they resort it finally with an Italian help. So you see a beautiful Romanian place with a pharaonic impact engraved on some of its walls in a very quiet and pure atmospher.


Wadi Hitan, (the valley of whales)

Wadi Hitan, (the valley of whales)

After that we headed to a place of 4 millions of years creatures, Wadi Hitan, (the valley of whales). An area of relaxing time, camping and enjoying the pure nature. The imapct of man there in this place is very limited and doesnt affect such nice area except in the right manner. We basically got sometimes searching for the right way to reach our traget, you may say that we got lost for a few minutes but here we went more happy coz we knew that we will be very aware of such experience to avoid any further misleading with you. We got there by the night time and it was very dark, as the electricity and power things which may interrupt the pure life is not exist there in that wild way we have it in the cities. To reach such place at the night it means alot if you took alook up to the sky where you get dazzeled by the myriad of the stars which looks really facinating. When you look at the sky you take a deep breathe and realse it and you are good to go meditating on whatever comes to your mind. Well, we had our dinner – a mix of the desert food, like the tuna, cheese, some beans with the egyptian bread, and then after the dinner time we all had  the egyptian tea with the desert taste, its different in a good way. Finally and before the end of this beautiful and exhausting day we walked up for like (30 M) for the camping time. They made up the tents for us and gave us the sleeping bags and we where good to go. The only alive thing at that time was some small foxes, they were very little and they are the kind of foxes that you love to have them around, as they are not harmful at all and the only thing you will need to take care of is your stuff – i mean your shoes, small bags or anything small with you. The foxes takes the small staff and hide them in the desert sand as they consider it some food, so they hide them until they get hungary and eat it, rather than this nothing to fear and your good to go, we even took some pictures for one of our staff with the foxes feeding them. So we spent the night chating, laughing and having fun before we get to sleep  and some of us took their sleeping bags and slept in the open air erea to watch the stars, its completely safe.


To be continues…
Edited by : Hassan Musleh
Memphis Tours Egypt since 1955 

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