Four Bronze Artifacts Returned

Press Release – Four Bronze Artifacts Returned

Four bronze artifacts have been returned to the Ministry of State for Antiquities. These objects were recovered by the Tourism and Antiquities Police when they caught the criminals with the items, initially believed to have been stolen from the Egyptian Museum, Cairo, in the aftermath of Egypt’s January revolution.

Dr. Zahi Hawass, Minister of State for Antiquities, assigned a committee of archaeologists, headed by the director of the Egyptian Museum, Dr. Tarek El-Awadi, to verify the identity and authenticity of the recovered objects.

The artifacts all date to the Late Period of Egyptian history (c. 688-332 BC), and the group is composed of two statues of Osiris, god of the afterlife, and two statues of Harpocrates, who represented the god, Horus, as a child.

El-Awadi has reported that only two of the four recovered objects, one statue of Osiris (37.5 cm tall) and one of Horus (18cm tall), are actually pieces missing from the Egyptian Museum. The committee of archaeologists is now looking into the origin of the other two statues, so that they may also be returned to the site or museum they came from.

These latest recoveries now bring the total number of objects missing from the Egyptian Museum to 31 objects (out of an original total of 54).

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