New Site Openings

Recently I met with the Prime Minister of Egypt, Dr. Essam Sharaf, and I informed him that we have several sites that can now be opened to the public. I hope that the opening of these sites will be a message to the public that Egypt is safe.

For example, we will open the Hanging Church in Coptic Cairo, which we recently restored. Now it is ready to be opened, so Dr. Sharaf can contact Pope Shenouda III for the opening ceremony and promote good relations between Muslims and Christians in Egypt.

Restoration work in the Serapeum, showing the metal support in a niche that would have contained the burial of an Apis bull. (Photo: Jennifer Willoughby)

We are also ready to open new museums, including the Suez Museum; I really feel it is an excellent museum. The tourists will be able to travel by boat to visit the museum, which encompasses different aspects of the city, including pilgrimage, trade, the Suez Canal, and history of the Sinai. The Crocodile Museum in Kom Ombo will also be opened soon, as well as the visitor center in Amarna.

Other sites to be opened soon include the Zaghloul mosque and six Islamic-era houses in Rashid, the Salaheddin Citadel in Taba, the mosque of Sidi Galal in Minya, and the Al-Mansour and Qalawoun complexes in Al-Muizz Street, as well as the mosque of Prince Soliman, which is known as the Hanging Mosque.

I am also glad to announce that the Serapeum in Saqqara will open soon. We have finished the restoration of the south side, which was in very poor condition. We installed metal throughout the interior to support the walls and ceiling, so now the south section can be visited. We will open it to the public and begin conservation work on the north side. Also at Saqqara we are ready to open the New Kingdom cemetery that contains many famous tombs, such as those of Maya and Horemheb, as well as others discovered by Alain Zivie.

The Ministry is also preparing to open other sites in Cairo, Luxor, Aswan and Taba, as well as the temple of Hibis in Kharga Oasis. Over the next few months, we are going to announce many more exciting things, including new discoveries that we did not announce because the Revolution occurred, and we all focused on that.

I hope that over the next few months, we can promote tourism to these new sites and continue to support Egypt, as well as share our exciting new discoveries.


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