Press Release – Art Exhibition about Egypt’s 25th of January Revolution

During his April 6th meeting with a delegation of youth involved with Egypt’s 25th of January Revolution, Minister of State for Antiquities Dr. Zahi Hawass decided to hold an art exhibition that tells the story of the struggles of Egypt’s Revolution.

The exhibition will first be shown in Cairo and then tour 14 European countries, stated Dr. Hawass. The exhibition will consist of a collection of art in various media created by Egyptian artists to reflect their views on Egypt’s Revolution, and it will also include a photo gallery showing scenes of Tahrir Square as well as the demonstrators.
Dr. Hawass ordered the establishment of a committee of representatives of the 25th of January youth as well as officials from the Museum Sector of the Ministry of State for Antiquities (MSA) to produce the exhibition.
Mohamed Abdel Fatah, Head of the Museum Sector at the Ministry of State for Antiquities (MSA) stated that a collection of archaeological replicas will be included with the exhibition. Fatha added that these replicas are meant to reflect some themes of the Revolution, for example a replica statue of the Egyptian goddess of truth and justice Ma’at symbolizing the concept of justice, while peace and prosperity will be symbolized by the god Osiris, god of the afterlife.
Ahmed Kamil, Technical Director of the Museum Sector, said that photos of people who died during the Revolution as well as some of their personal belongings, such as their clothes and flags they held, will also be displayed with the exhibition.
Kamil also stated that a collection of books about antiquities will be provided for the exhibition, including those printed by the MSA, a selection from other archaeologists, and those by Dr. Hawass. In addition, a collection of brochures and newsletters concerning Egypt’s archaeological sites and tourist attractions will be on display in an attempt to promote tourism from within the country and outside. This section of the exhibition, said Kamil, will be financed in collaboration with the Red Sea governorate and four other travel agencies.


After the exhibition has completed its tour in Egypt and Europe, Hawass announced, it will be placed on permanent display at the National Museum of Egyptian Civilization (NMEC), now under construction in the Al-Fustat area of Old Cairo. The purpose of the NMEC is to display the history of Egyptian civilization from prehistoric through modern times, and this exhibition will make it complete, Hawass stated, displaying the latest saga in Egypt’s modern history.
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