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Twelve missing objects returned to the Egyptian Museum, Cairo

Twelve of the artifacts missing from the Egyptian Museum, Cairo have been returned, including six bronze statuettes dated to the Late Period, a small limestone statue of a sphinx, and five necklaces.


The Egyptian Museum in Cairo

The Egyptian Museum in Cairo

It is unclear if the people who had possession of these antiquities had any relationship with the looters who broke into the museum. They attempted to try and authenticate the objects by contacting a young archaeologist, whose name I have withheld for his own safety, with the goal was of selling the stolen pieces. The archaeologist recognized the objects as those missing from the museum and took photographs with his mobile phone. He contacted the director of the museum and the police, and the people were taken into custody.
I believe that the rest of the missing antiquities will be found soon. It will be very difficult to sell any of the missing antiquities, and we will do everything in our power to have them returned.

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Clinton Tours Tahrir Square

Hillary Rodham Clinton on Wednesday toured Cairo’s Tahrir Square, the epicenter of the popular uprising that toppled Egypt’s longtime autocratic leader last month.


Hillary Clinton in Tahrir Square

Hillary Clinton in Tahrir Square

“It’s just a great reminder of the power of the human spirit and universal desire for freedom and human rights and democracy,” Clinton said. “It’s just thrilling to see where this happened.”

Surrounded by a heavy contingent of U.S. and Egyptian security guards, Clinton smiled, waved and shook hands with the Egyptian citizens who thronged her during her unscheduled 15-minute stroll through the square.

“To see where this revolution happened, after all that it has meant to the world, is extraordinary for me,” she said before entering a meeting with interim Prime Minister Essam Sharaf.

Clinton’s two-day visit to Egypt is aimed at encouraging the Egyptian people and their transitional leaders to hold true to the ideals of democratic reforms that propelled the revolution.

She is the highest-ranking U.S. official to visit Egypt since President Hosni Mubarak was ousted last month and she has pledged America’s support for the transition. Her trip underscores the Obama administration’s concern that gains made since last month’s ouster of President Hosni Mubarak may be lost to impatience or a hijacking of the political system by extremists.

Civic groups have raised fears that the timing of a weekend referendum on constitutional amendments and June parliamentary elections followed by a presidential vote are too rushed to permit a true representative democracy to emerge. Some believe the sequencing won’t give secular opposition groups enough time to organize into credible political parties.

The most organized opposition movement in the county is the Muslim Brotherhood, an Islamist party long banned by Mubarak. The brotherhood took a low-key role in the initial protests against Mubarak but is now seen as moving to take advantage of the space opened by the protesters in Tahrir Square.

Without mentioning any political parties, Clinton said the revolution must remain inclusive and urged Egyptians to build on the euphoria it spawned by embracing universal values.

“It was very exciting and moving for me to go to Tahrir Square and to have some sense of what those amazing days must have been like here in Cairo,” she told Sharaf at his office after the tour.

“I am so looking forward to helping in any way that we can in the transformation and all the work that needs to be done,” she said. “There is so much work to be done, but the United States stands ready to help in every way possible to translate what happened in Tahrir Square into (the) new reality of Egypt.”

On Tuesday, Clinton unveiled details of an economic support package aimed at helping to create badly needed jobs, mainly for Egypt’s exploding youth population, and spur foreign investment. In addition to an already announced $150 million being redirected to the transition and the financial sector, the aid will include tens of billions of dollars in credits and private-sector loans as well as the expansion of Egyptian facilities eligible to send duty-free exports to the United States.

While trying to help Egypt resolve some of its most critical economic woes, Clinton pleaded with Egypt’s transitional authorities, as well as private civic groups that played a leading role in the anti-Mubarak protests, to embrace reform guided by two key ideas: non-violence and national unity.

She applauded an announcement Tuesday of further dismantling of the hated state security apparatus and said Egypt now needs to prepare for free, fair elections to produce “leaders that will be able to respond to (your) aspirations.”

After her trip Wednesday to Tahrir Square and talks with Sharaf, Clinton moved on to a meeting with the chief of Egypt’s powerful Armed Forces Supreme Council, Field Marshal Hussein Tantawi.

She is traveling later Wednesday to Tunisia, where she will be bringing the same message. The success of Tunisia’s anti-government protests in January fueled similar revolts across the Arab world.


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Egypt invites TV celebrities, artists to Tahrir Square to bring back tourists !

Egypt invites TV celebrities, artists to Tahrir Square to bring back tourists !

Egypt’s newly-appointed Tourism Minister Mounir Fakhry Abdel Nour invited several world-famous actors and TV celebrities to organize shows and entertainment programs on Cairo’s Tahrir Square, Al-Masry Al-Youm news agency reported on Monday.

U.S. media host Oprah Winfrey is among the stars who have been invited over, in a bid to restore Egypt’s reputation as a tourist destination.

Abdel Nour made the announcement during a press conference on Saturday, which was also attended by Hussein Massoud, CEO of EgyptAir Holding Company, and Amr al-Ezabi, director of the Egyptian Tourist Authority.

The minister plans to invite young Facebook users, who will publicize Egypt’s tourist destinations and will invite international visitors to the country. The ministry will also take part in tourism shows and conferences.

Massoud said that EgyptAir plans to increase the number of flights from Italy, the first European country to invite its citizens back to Egypt.

Tourism accounts for more than 11 percent of Egypt’s GDP, 40 percent of the country’s non-commodity exports, and over 19 percent of foreign currency revenues.


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England, Italy, Sweden and Germany lifted the ban on Egypt !

Tourism Minister ,Munir Fakhry Abdel Nour

Tourism Minister Munir Fakhry Abdel Nour, he contacted all the Western countries to lift the ban which was imposed on Egypt tourism because of recent events, stressing that the ministry has succeeded in lifting the embargo by most of these countries such as England, Italy, Sweden and Germany.

Adding that Russia is on its way to lift the ban within days, especially as it was one of the first countries exporting tourism to Egypt .. Stressing that it will make utmost efforts to attract tourist delegations to Egypt during his participation in the ITB Berlin tourism to be held from 9 to March 13.

Abdel Nour said that the Tourism Board will provide incentives and guarantees to attract tourists, and asked the hotel to reduce prices to encourage domestic tourism as well.

For the ITB Berlin tourism, said Abdel-Nour: We we’ll meet with top tour operators and travel agents for the development of joint investment, and organizing advertising campaigns to promote Egypt tourism.

The Minister of Tourism is suppose to hold a press conference to review  the achievements of the Egyptian tourism in 2010.


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Marathon at Giza pyramids area to boost tourism in Egypt.

Marathon at Giza Pyramids to support Egypt TourismA group of young people on Facebook, made an event inviting everyone to the “two million Marathon” on March 18, at Giza Pyramids area to promote tourism. The Marathon will start in front of the Great Pyramid.


Ahmed Maher, who is responsible for the group, said that the aims of the marathon are two things, the first call to boost tourism and the return of tourists to Egypt, and the second, is collected one million participant  or more to shape the form of pyramids, or write sentences for tourists to promote tourism.


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Franco Frattini: Egypt is stable for Italian tourists.

Minister of Foreign Affairs of Italy Franco Frattini

Minister of Foreign Affairs of Italy Franco Frattini

Minister of Foreign Affairs of Italy ,Franco Frattini, confirmed that the security situation in Egypt is stable, allowing the return of the Italian tourism movement to normal in Egypt.

Frattini said, in an exclusive statement to the Egyptian TV today, on Sunday, stating that the security situation in Egypt is good, and there are no problems for tourists to visit Egypt, adding that all the Italian travel agents have already begun work for booking Holidays on the Easter timings to be spending at Egypt.

For supporting the Egyptian economy, said the Italian Minister of Foreign Affairs, that Rome is ready to launch operations of the adoption and funding schemes to help industries and small businesses to boost the economy of Egypt.

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