Google Today’s Doodle February 15th, 2011

Constantin Brâncuşi Google Doodle

Constantin Brâncuşi Google Doodle

Holds image of some sculptures, may be known for some but totally unknown for others. Let’s discover what’s behind Google Today’s Doodle.

Constantin Brâncuşi, Originally was a carpenter and trained to be a stonemason, Constantin Brâncuşi a Romanian sculptor whose works are one of the most talented works using different materials wood, bronze, marble and stone to represent his revolutionary style in his work.

Constantin Brâncuşi

Constantin Brâncuşi


Today Google awarded Constantin Brâncuşi Google’s top honour – his very own Google Doodle celebrating his 135 Birthday in Google worldwide but not Google India, which supported a Cricket World Cup Doodle.

Kiss Gate by Constantin Brâncuşi

Kiss Gate by Constantin Brâncuşi

Google Today’s Doodle representing some of his masterwork with different materials shows the letters of G_o_o_g_l_e.

The Doodle includes the Promethues bound, Sleeping Muse, Mademoiselle Pogany,Bird in Space and The Kiss.

Bird in space by Constantin Brâncuşi

Bird in space by Constantin Brâncuşi

Well, Happy Birthday Constantin Brâncuşi Which is your favourite sculpture?


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Posted by: Shaimaa Ahmed

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