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A young man holding The Egyptian Flag

A young man holding The Egyptian Flag


After two weeks of the Egyptian revolution against the Egyptian Government the sound of freedom still hearable in what so called Tahrir Square (Liberation Square). Thousands of Egyptian People still gathering in Tahrir Sqaure asking for change in appropriate way. The Egyptian antiquities allover Egypt are safe and totally intact except a few objects in the Egyptian museum but now under restoration process headed by the recent minister of Antiquities Dr, Zahi Hawass.


The Egyptian Revolution now takes the very peaceful way, The revolts takes their slogans and words holding it for the media to reach different messages to the Egyptian Government. We can tell now that Egypt came back to life after a dramatic two weeks. The employees back to their work and streets back to life and full of people waiting for the Next rising sun full of hope and expectation for better future.

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Posted by:Shaimaa Ahmed

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2 thoughts on “Egypt latest News by Memphis Tours Egypt

  1. I keep getting job interviews that will send me to Egypt soon. IsA it will happen. I am very happy that you are back at work, and I hope that the tour companies can win back the trust of visitors.

  2. memphistours

    Brian, it’s very nice to know that you are coming soon to Egypt and we all hope to get our visitors trust back. Egypt is now in a quite safe condition.

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