Egypt Nile Cruise and Travel Packages

Egypt Holds a lot of secrets, Monuments, Tombs, People, Culture, Inspiration, Pyramids, The Nile River, Streets, Joy, beauty, Variety in religions and more uncountable secrets that you can discover when you walk in its spiritual streets, when you smell the air of its great civilization. Introducing Egypt in words isn’t the perfect way to explore the magic of the city of magic. Egypt attract every year millions and millions of visitors.

Cruise on Nile River Between Luxor and Aswan

Cruise on Nile River Between Luxor and Aswan

Egypt Nile Cruise is definitely the most fantastic and interested thing to do in Egypt. Spend a few days on board one of the 5* Nile Cruise to sail for about 5 to 8 days along the Nile River at the same time explore the magnificent beauty of the Egyptian Monuments and temples.

The Nile has been one of the main secrets of the prosperous of the ancient Egypt and the long lasting of it’s civilization. Explore the secrets of the Nile River and the spread monuments on it’s banks.

Memphis Tours Egypt provides Egypt’s visitors with a large variety of Nile Cruises with different options and customization your tour option. Nile Cruise tour starts from Luxor, no words can describe the meaning of Luxor. Luxor is the city of the ancient ruins, during yourNile Cruise you will have the chance to walk little around this beautiful city where in every corner you can see a landmark of the human progress in using the stone and math.

Visiting the landmark of Luxor then spend some time relaxing on board your Nile Cruise and enjoying the sun rays with the warm breeze of the Nile River with different activities organized specially for the joy and to provide more fun to our travelers.

It’s the time for Aswan, The city of the Upper Egypt, a part of the Egyptian heritage if it’s not most of the heritage. Nice People with amazing weather and hospitality from the locals, of course during your Nile cruise you will be introduced to the monuments of the city of Aswan.

Dahabyia Nile Cruise

Dahabyia Nile Cruise

The Luxury of the Nile, it’s all about Dahabyia Cruise. Dahabyia is a small cruise holds a few cabins with a very limited number of people it’s more like a private cruise for honeymooners and it’s the perfect choice to enjoy your new life and even for the couples who wants to celebrate their anniversary.

Enjoy the combination between modern Egypt and ancient Egypt. A few days on board 5 Stars Nile Cruise in Egypt is by far one of the most interested things to do in Egypt to enjoy the beauty of Egypt and the comfortable trip you would ever have.

Nile Cruise for the handicapped also is available. Appreciating People with special needs is one of our top priorities and the 5 stars Nile Cruise is provided with 5 stars facilities as the Nile River 5 stars cruises were designed to meet the needs of travelers  who are seeking for a memorable and unforgettable holiday in Egypt full of amazement and happiness,,,,, Enjoy Your Tour to Egypt

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