New Egyptian lecture announced!

Dr. Zahi Hawass, Secretary General of the Egyptian Supreme Council of Antiquities, Vice-Culture Minister for Egypt and one of the most important Egyptologists in the world today, will be holding his first public lecture in Manchester at Bridgewater Hall on Friday, 4 February 2011.

Dr.Zahi Hawass New Book

Dr.Zahi Hawass New Book

This lecture sees Hawass return to the UK after his sell-out speech in front of 2,300 visitors at the IndigO Theatre in London’s O2 Arena, back in August 2008.Highly regarded among experts for his commitment to drawing worldwide attention to Egypt’s history and treasures, Hawass has made a decisive contribution to the lasting public legacy of Ancient Egypt and the far-reaching cultural significance of this era.

Dr. Zahi Hawass will discuss Egypt’s most famous pharaoh, Tutankhamun, the search for the tomb of Queen Nefertiti, new insights on the tombs in the Valley of the Kings and the exciting research into the tombs of Cleopatra and Mark Anthony in his 90 minute multimedia lecture. He will also draw on biographical anecdotes and personal experiences from his many years of scientific activity, including his current excavations at Giza and latest project – revealing the secrets of the mummy of Ramses III.


Following his lecture, visitors will be treated to a book signing and be able to get signed copies of Hawass’ books, ‘Inside the Egyptian Museum,’ ‘A Secret Voyage’ and his long-awaited new children’s book ‘King Tut and I.’

The lecture is being hosted in conjunction with Semmel Concerts and The Manchester Ancient Egypt Society.

Tickets are available from 16 December, 2010.

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