New Discovery of double Statue of Amenhotep III

A close-up of the newly discovered double statue of Amenhotep III and Re-Horakhti. The statue was found during SCA excavations at the site of Amenhotep III’s mortuary temple on the west bank of Luxor. The statue was beautifully carved out of Aswan red granite, but interestingly it has inclusions of a darker solid stone that can be seen in the faces of the two figures.

Amenhotep III and Re-Horakhti

Amenhotep III and Re-Horakhti

Amenhotep III enjoyed the distinction of having the most surviving statues of any Egyptian pharaoh, with over 250 of his statues having been discovered and identified. Since these statues span his entire life, they provide a series of portraits covering the entire length of his reign.

Another striking characteristic of Amenhotep III’s reign is the series of over 200 large commemorative stine scarabs  that have been discovered over a large geographic area ranging from Syria (Ras Shamara) through to Soleb in Nubia. Their lengthy inscribed texts extol the accomplishments of the pharaoh. For instance, 123 of these commemorative scarabs record the large number of lions (either 102 or 110 depending on the reading) that Amenhotep III killed “with his own arrows” from his first regnal year up to his tenth year. Similarly, five other scarabs state that the foreign princess who would become a wife to him, Gilukhepa, arrived in Egypt with a retinue of 317 women. She was the first of many such princesses who would enter the pharaoh’s household.

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