Egyptian holidays are growing in popularity with UK travellers

The latest results from the on-going International Passenger Survey by the UK Office for National Statistics have revealed that an increasing number of British travellers are choosing to book holidays to Egypt. According to the poll, British passenger numbers to the country have increased by 13%, compared to the same time last year, showing all inclusive holidays to Egypt continue to be popular with UK holidaymakers despite the financial difficulties of the past 12 months.

Luke Nathan of online travel consultants says: “Although the number of foreign holidays taken by UK tourists fell last year due to the recession, the results of this poll show that the travel market is starting to recover. Egypt has been a very popular destination with travellers from all over the world, and the country has steadily grown in popularity over the past few years.”

The growing popularity of Egyptian getaways, including holidays to Sharm el Sheikh was also reflected in the Post Office’s most popular foreign currency rankings, where the Egyptian pound was named the 6th most requested foreign currency by customers, a statistic that comes as no surprise to the travel industry.

Nathan continues: “The results of the second poll were expected considering Egypt’s growing reputation as a great holiday destination. There’s so much to do and see over there, from trips to see the pyramids in Giza, to Taba holidays – where you can visit Pharaoh’s Island and engage in leisure activities such as golf, water skiing and many others, so there’s something for everyone to enjoy.”

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Posted by : Yasmine Aladdin.

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