Opera Aida is back to Egypt at the Pyramids next October !

opera aida at Egypt pyramids

opera aida at Egypt pyramids

«Opera Aida» is for the famous composer Verdi will return back to Egypt and showing in the open air between the arms of Al-Ahram in an atmosphere very fragrance of ancient Egyptian history. This is after an absence of 8 years.

Dr. Abdel Moneim Kamel – Chairman and director of the opera show said that – The Opera will show for a four-day evening, the fifth, sixth, seventh and tenth of next October , in conjunction with the celebrations of October victories .

operah aida in egypt at egypt pyramids

operah aida in egypt at egypt pyramids

The shows will present on the theater next to Al-Ahram Square and beside the Theatre of sound and light , which the Opera has specially built on an area of 1600 square meters, and four runways to accommodate thousands of viewers.

Kamel said: «Opera Aida» is involving more than three thousands of artists, musicians and groups are teams of Cairo Opera Orchestra under conductor of the Italian Marcello Mutadelli, and the Cairo Opera Choir, Choir and Okabila led Oledumaniato and Maya Ajafinerya with Cairo Opera Ballet choreography of Armenia fully and Decor by Mahmoud Hajaj and lighting by design Yasser Shalan.

opera aida at egypt

opera aida at egypt

Also he pointed out that «Opera Aida» one of the most important labels of Egyptian art to the world because the events taking place in ancient Pharaonic Egypt, stressing the extent of employment of technological possibilities and the lighting effects and sound with the exploitation of the charming nature of the place.

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Click here for more details about attending the Opera Aida at Giza Pyramids.

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