Marsa Alam Holidays, Egypt.



Marsa Alam is located in the south of the Eastern Desert in Egypt on the Red Sea. It is 790 kilometers south of Cairo and about 300 kilometers from Hurghada.

Marsa Alam is one of the fastest growing holiday resorts in Egypt, which is popular with wind surfers and divers. Sun worshippers are fortunate enough to discover the resort’s remote tranquility.


In the past few years, Marsa Alam has become an important touristic destination, especially after the opening of Marsa Alam international Air Port. Many people, tourists and Egyptians, believe that Marsa Alam, in the few coming years, will become another Sharm El-Shiekh. The new Marsa Alam International Air Port is the first privately owned and operated International commercial airport in Egypt.Furthermore, it is the first airport in aviation history operating under a complete BOT system.Although previously a small fishing village, the construction of an International Airport in 2001 has established Marsa Alam as an upcoming and exclusive holiday resort. With a host of tourism projects planned for the near future, Marsa Alam is set to rival the popularity of established Egyptian resorts, such as Hurghada and Sharm El-Shiekh.




Snorkelling and Diving at Marsa Alam - Red sea , Egypt

Snorkelling and Diving at Marsa Alam – Red sea , Egypt

The city is from the major region to be visited in the Red Sea because of its unique beaches, it is also the starting point of deep fishing. Marsa Alam is definitely unique in itself, because it is the best in the world as a whole where you can enjoy diving, snorkeling and the different water sports and desert Safari.
Memphis Tours Egypt ,  tour operator in Egypt since 1955, offers the opportunity to make a wonderful excursion aboard one of the nicest boats. There, you can practice all your favorite hobbies of diving and snorkeling
You are going to have lunch in an oriental style. Food will be served before your eyes and served hot.

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Memphis Tours Egypt since 1955.

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