Cairo the Gate to History

A long or short tour to Cairo is certainly the best choice you will ever make.  In fact , Cairo is the world  city which described by  thousands of writers . Cairo holds world historical events either within the city walls or in the surrounding areas. All accompanied by the silent water of Its river known as the Nile river.

Cairo, Egypt
Cairo, Egypt

Almost any vanished civilization left its imprints in this city. To name all of them it’s almost impossible. Modern Cairo today offers  a lot of attractions: The Egyptian Museum which contains more than 140,000 masterpieces ranging from the pre_historic  era until the Roman Period, The modern Oprah House, Cairo tower which is 14 meters higher than the Great Pyramid, Baron Palace the old Market and even more.

Baron Palace in Cairo, Egypt.
Baron Palace in Cairo, Egypt.

A wide selection of manifold  interests in  Cairo for almost every visitor’s desire . Cairo is a city of multicultural and multi religious interests museums, churches, mosques, Nile Cruises, modern and Arabic music festivals. etc, in short, there is nothing  you will not find in the city of thousand and one nights.

Hanging Church, Old Cairo, Egypt
Hanging Church, Old Cairo, Egypt
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