King Tutankhamun: The Golden Age of the Pharaohs.


King Tut

King Tut

After more than 30 years, the treasures of Tutankhamun make their long-awaited return to New York in a dazzling, once-in-a-lifetime exhibition. This New York engagement will be the last opportunity to see these priceless artifacts before they leave North America forever. Hurry and get your tickets today!

Being more than twice the size of the exhibition that took New York by storm in the 1970s,King Tut: The Golden Age of the Pharaohs offers something for people of all ages. Adults and kids alike will enjoy gazing at over 130 amazing treasures belonging to both King Tut and many of the most significant rulers of ancient Egypt! Objects from King Tut’s tomb include his royal diadem (crown) and one of four gold and precious stone inlaid canopic coffinettes that contained his mummified internal organs.

Complete your King Tut experience with the ultimate Egyptian adventure! It’s a 24 minute 3-D journey into Egypt. See how archaeologists discovered the tomb of the lost pharaohs. Learn how and why the ancient Egyptians mummified the dead. Discover how ancient mummies can help cure modern diseases and experience it all in 3-D! King Tut offers hand-held audio guides for fascinating details on key artifacts and lunch can be prepared for your group at the in-house cafe!

Over six million people have attended the King Tut Exhibition worldwide.


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