Last chance to see King Tut, in New York, in the Discovery Times Square Exposition.

King Tut

King Tut

Families planning a vacation often want to have a unique experience, as well as an educational one. With the tomb of King Tut’s limited engagement in Times Square coming to a close, those planning a family vacation should act quickly to book a trip that offers both.
The King Tut exhibit, currently showing in the Discovery Times Square Exposition, is the first appearance of the boy king in New York in 30 years. However, the exhibit is only on loan from Egypt until January 2, 2011, so those who want to get a glimpse of the legendary pharaoh should do so quickly.

The highlight of the exhibit is undoubtedly Tut’s iconic golden canopic coffinette, but its not the only artifact on display. Fifty artifacts from Tut’s own tomb are present, along with 80 from other royal tombs. These range from a golden headdress to the crown Tut was wearing when he was discovered.

Not only is the exhibition a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see these treasures, but it’s also a chance for an educational experience. Kids will love learning about the ancient Egyptians, and parents might be interested in the latest DNA research on Tut’s body.

New York is the last stop on an eight-city, six-year tour, with tour organizers saying that the artifacts will return to Egypt forever at its conclusion. Travelers should take advantage of this limited run and book their North American family vacation today.


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