Abu Simbel Sun Fall

Abu Simbel Sun Fall

Enjoy Our Offer For Abu Simbel Sun Fall During February & Octeober

Near to the border between Egypt & Sudan – approx. 270 km from Aswan City.

Who built it?
Abu Simbel is a set of two temples built by Ramesses II. One for himself and the other for his own wife, Nefertari.

Why was it built
The Temple of Ramesses II was dedicated to the four universal gods Ptah, Re-Her-Akhtey, Amun-Re, and to Ramesses II himself. The great Abu Simbel temple is also called The Sun Temple of Ramesses II.
The Temple of Queen Nefertari is also Called Temple of Hathor who was the wife of the Sun God so in a symbolic way, the two Temples, that of Ramesses II and that of Nefertari, bring Ramesses II, Nefertari, Hathor and the Sun God together as one.


Abu Simbel Temples are considered to be the most impressive temples from his own seven Temples Ramesses II built. The two temples of Abu Simbel with their unique style are considered as masterpieces of ancient Egypt. The Egyptian government and UNISCO decided to co-operate in order to save the temples of Abu Simbel and in turn, saving the relics of one of the oldest human civilization.

The facade of the main temple is 108 feet high and 125 feet wide with four colossal seated statues about 65 feet high wearing the double crown of Upper and lower Egypt and having the cartouches of Ramesses II.

Ramesses II built small Abu Simbel temple for his wife Nefertari, which is much simpler than the temple of Ramsses II as it has only one hypostyle hall and the sanctuary. It should be mentioned that the sun rise enter the temple two times in the year, it lights the faces of the king , Re god and Amon god, but we still do not know the reason for not rising the sun on the face of God Ptah.

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