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Wadi El Natroun

Wadi El Natrun is a valley located in Beheira Governorate, Egypt, including a town with the same name. The name refers to the presence of eight different lakes in the region that produce natron salt. The modern chemical symbol for sodium, Na, is an abbreviation of that element’s Latin name natrium, which was derived from natron.

In ancient times, natron was mined here for use in Egyptian burial rites. It is believed that the Holy family visited Wadi El Natrun during their flight into Egypt.

Their trail from Sakha is recorded in the documentation of Pope Theophilus’s vision and attested to by Coptic practice in the Christian era. For it was to Wadi El Netroun that they now came after crossing the Rosetta Branch of the Nile to the Western Delta and heading south into Wadi El Natroun in Western Desert Egypt.

In Wadi El Natroun you can enjoy visiting the old monasteries and know the ancient Christian history and their root at that place.

The monasteries most interesting at that area are:

Baramus Monastery
Monastery of Anba Bishoy
Deir El-Suryani

If you are interested in visiting Wadi El Natroun for one day and enjoy the nature of that place

You can take this tour for one day from Cairo

Or you can take this historical tour in details if you are fond of the history of the holy family passing the all places and site of the Christian family

Wadi El Natroun

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