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Sahl Hasheesh Red Sea, Hurghada Egypt

id6146_foto1_The Oberoi Sahl Hasheesh1

While driving on the Hurghada-Safaga highway, about 20 km south of the airport, one can admire the pristine wa­ters and sandy beaches of Sahl Hasheesh. In three years, however, travelers will be able to admire the exquisite architecture of Veranda, one of Egypt’s latest real-estate projects. Passerbys will long to be part of the picture perfect community that will soon spend lavish weekends relaxing in the area.
This is the vision of renowned archi­tect and project developer Eng. Saleh Hamdy, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Veranda.
“Veranda is a village,” Hamdy says. “We wanted to keep it small, sweet and comprehensive, with only 669 units to ensure the quality of services.”
Instead of building rows of houses, the project is designed on four levels, with narrow streets and roundabouts designed to enhance the village’s flair.

The architecture is based on a tradi­tional Spanish theme with a modern twist, without too many decorative features. The colors are shades of off-whites and beiges.
The complex is designed to house a few thousand people and will offer a wide variety of services in order for them not to be forced to leave the gated community’s grounds. All the basics will be available, including a pharmacy and food court.
So far, Veranda’s clientele is part of the same niche that already own houses in Hacienda on the North Coast and neighboring project El-Gouna, says Hamdy.

“Sahl Hasheesh is not Hurghada,” he stresses. “It is a new town. On comple­tion, it is expected to be 40 million square meters, which is larger than Hurghada.”
Another Sahl Hasheesh project is be­ing developed into a high-end resort by New Egypt Tourism headed by Richard Turner.
But Hamdy isn’t afraid of competi­tion.
“The stretch of beach we have is unrivaled, and we have the proper infrastructure from state-of-the art de­salination plants, sewage and electric­ity,” he says.

Villas in Veranda, which will be c0mpleted in March 2011, are woven within water cascades, lagoons and an 18-hole golf course, providing each house with a view.
“We have a range of accommodations so that young and old, those who cher­ish privacy and those who don’t, car mix within the development,” he says.
For young couples, 67 square n one-bedroom flats are available in the Julietta and Margherita designs located in the town’s center. For small families, the 110-square meter Alexandra is slightly bigger with two bedrooms. Elder folks may be more interested in the Isabella design, a three-floor town-house, or the 270-square meter Sophia villa.
After working in the United Kingdom for 16 years, Hamdy is used to fulfilling high-maintenance demands.  “They want no faults and this is where I bring the English experience into the Egyptian market,” he says.
Owners receive the houses once they are fully finished, and benefit from fit­ted kitchens, air conditioning, mainte­nance and housekeeping services.

To cater to different clientele, the town   offers   a   wide   variety   of activities.   For   the   sports-oriented,  a fully-equipped gym, tennis court, golf course and lap-pool are being devel­oped. An unexpected addition are the croquet courts – Veranda will boast two, just in case one is filled to capacity. As for those who enjoy the nightlife, bars,  alfresco   dinning   and   cocktail lounges are part of the plan. For re­laxation and rejuvenation, a spa which will offer a wide variety of services is also being developed.

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Almaza Bay resort in Marsa Matruh Egypt

almaza bay

A sparkling backdrop for a world-class hotel and residential properties, featuring a myriad of options for leisure and recreation. 3,500 private residences nestled amid lagoons, a magnificent 18-hole golf course, sculpted lakes and landscaped gardens.
Located on the untouched shores of the Mediterranean Sea, 38 kilometers east of Marsa Matruh Airport, Almaza Bay offers natural tranquility with an exten­sive menu of entertainment, leisure and recreation options to cater to a multitude of tastes and moods. Planned by the in­ternationally acclaimed architecture firm Krause Bonne, the 6.3-million-square-meter Almaza Bay Resort boasts a lengthy 2.5 kilometers of flawless beachfront in an area known to have one of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

The soft, white sandy beach with its calm turquoise waters provides a meditation experience like no other and a playground for water activities. With the existing Almaza Beach Resort, the Jaz Crystal and the upcoming Jaz Ori­ental Resort and the world-class residen­tial facilities underway, choosing Almaza Bay as a second home becomes an attrac­tive option. Almaza Bay’s five-star resorts offer amenities beyond expectations. With heated pools, tennis courts, discotheques and fine dining, the hotels in Almaza bay will be a stunning introduction to the first-time visitor and an impressive option for friends who want to visit the residents. Almaza Bay’s hotels will add value to the Almaza Bay community through facili­ties, events and luxury. What better place to plan your business meetings than on the coast of paradise? The different residences are all inspired by the Mediterranean styles of architec­ture with aesthetically enticing exterior? and comfortably spacious interiors with amazing views.

Almaza Bay will consist of 3,500 residences of the widest van–ranging from 250-430 square-meter villa with up to four bedrooms; to the smafle two to three-bedroom patio houses and apartments. Further stages include the sought-after Marina apartments and the posh Castle and island estates in ad­dition to the popular golf apartmer.:-You’re bound to find the property of your dreams at Almaza Bay. Almaza fx= Resort provides a plethora of recreation options from the 18-hole golf course, the international marina and boardwalk, a water park, a tennis academy, a shop­ping mall, a world-class spa and wellnes? center, a horse back riding track, and a movie theater to name a few.

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Pharaonic Port Of Mersa Gawasis

Pharaonic Port Of Mersa Gawasis

Mersa Gawasis is the only recorded Pharaonic coastal site on the Red Sea. The site is located at the mouth of Wadi Gawasis, 25 km to the south of Safaga and 50 km to the north of al-Quseir. The site occupies the top and slopes of a coral terrace, which is bordered by the seashore to the east, the wadi to the south, and a playa to the west.

The site was discovered in the mid-1970s by Abdel Monem Sayed from the University of Alexandria who conducted excavations and recorded some shrines associated with anchors and inscribed stelae dating to the 12th Dynasty 3.1985—1773 BC). He identified Mersa Gawasis with the port of Sawu from where seafaring expeditions were sailing south to Punt during the Middle Kingdom.
In 2001 the University of Naples, ‘L’Orientale’ (UNO), Naples, and the Italian Institute for Africa and the Orient (IslAO), Rome (Italy), in collaboration with Boston University (BU), Boston (USA), begun a systematic excavation of the site, under the direction of Rodolfo Fattovich (UNO/lslAO) and Kathryn Bard (BU), in order to understand the organization seafaring expeditions in Pharaonic times.

Fieldwork between 2001 and 2004 recorded a ceremonial area with votive shrines close to the seashore; a settlement with small semi-subterranean huts in the western sector of the site; and an industrial area with kilns for copper-working along the western slope of the terrace, dating back to the Middle Kingdom. Potsherds and obsidian flakes from southern Red Sea, as well as fragments of Nubian pottery, where collected.

The timbers, together with limestone block-anchors, curved cedar steering oars, rigging ropes, and other items, are from ancient Egyptian ships. In addition to the nautical items in the second cave, and the two antechambers discovered to branch from it, the archaeologists found limestone tablets with hieroglyphic inscriptions that detail long-ago trade expeditions to the Red Sea region known as Punt.
Excavations at Mersa / Wadi Gawasis in 2006-07 uncovered a new stela with the cartouche of Senusret III, and two wooden cargo boxes with the cartouches of Amenemhat IV. Seven man-made caves, which were used as storerooms, were located, where remains of large timbers of seafaring ships continue to be found. Geological and archaeological investigations have also located the probable area of the beach of the ancient harbour. In the production area below the caves, where hundreds of bread moulds have been excavated, a lithics workshop was also excavated.
All the organic materials which were found inside the sealed caves are now the focus of conservation efforts.  With all this archaeological nautical evidence the “Min of the Desert” project was conceived.

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El Gouna on Red Sea, Hurghada Egypt sightseeing tours


The city is the result of the creative diversity of a local community of entrepreneurs, artists, and environmentalists’ who made El Gouna their home.

Offering wonderful accommodation from intimate guest houses to deluxe five-star hotels. Modern arabesque architecture and unique interior design transport you to another time and place. Meanwhile, the various activities and entertainment, world class cuisine and exciting nightlife make El Gouna the Red Sea’s premier leisure destination. El Gouna offers countless opportunities for fun on land or the beach, lagoons or the sea. Aqua Centers and dive centers offer equipment for catamarans, banana boats, snorkeling and diving etc. Fishing boats and equipment are available to rent from Abydos Marina.
There is a daily trip or you can arrange your private trip and multi-day diving and non-diving cruises with options such as beach and island stops, all of which are offered by several specialized boat charter companies in El Gouna. The Kite boarding Club and Kite surfing at Mangroovy beach offer multi language lessons for beginners and advanced kite surfing courses.

Horse and Camel riding is available at the Movenpick, beech and Yalla Horse stables who both offer a professional service and trained staff to assist you in enjoying their Arabian cross horses and Ponies for kids.

Mini Golf, Quad Runners, Tennis & Squash are also available in El Gouna. Shopping is one of the resort’s secrets, from the typical Egyptian souvenir shops, art and antiques and hand-made Turkish lamps, Oriental Furniture even international brands and classy boutiques,  Ethnic, Fashion, Gifts, Jewelry are all within you reach.

On land you can zoom around town by scooter or bicycle, both available to rent, and for those who like to live on the edge you can burn rubber on the Sun-Cart carting circuit on the road between the downtown area and the marina.

Golfers are in for a treat at El Gouna’s stunning 18 hole USPGA professional golf course designed by Fred Couples and Gene Bates. The Golf Club offers high quality equipment and professional trainers.

The nightlife in El Gouna is full of excitement and entertainment, you can try your luck at Aladin Casino or BBQ and great music every Wednesday & Sunday at the ceach party at Mangroovy Beach or you can live your dream of being a karaoke king at Palma Karaoke Cafe where you can choose from 3000 songs in 9 languages. There are many other places to visit such as Smugglers, studio 52, Tambel Irish Pub, The Cave, Sand Bar, Barten, Le Tabasco, Moods, Mirage Open Air Disco, Billiards Bar, Dunes, El Gouna Oasis and the Marina Party every Friday in Abu Tig marina.

There is always a place for you in El Gouna whether you come alone or with your friends and family. There is a wide variety of accommodation on offer, choices to suit your mood, guesthouses, villas, apartments and waterfront elegance or the Marina hotels are available. Each and every hotel in El Gouna will make your holiday the best it can be, Movenpick, Rihana Resort, Ocean View, Sultan Bey, Ali Pasha, Turtle’s Inn and much more…!! Most of the hotels have their own Spa and beauty centers as well as diving centers. So enjoy your time in El Gouna! .

For more sightseeing tours to Red Sea visit our link

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