What do you know about Philae Temple in Egypt the Ancient Egyptian Temple


Philae Temple in egypt

Philae Temple location: It is situated 5 km from Aswan train station. Who built it? It was built by some of the Ptolemaic kings such as Ptolemy 8th and Ptolemy 12th.

Why was it built? The temple was built on the honor of goddess Isis the chief deity of the island.


The Philae temple was reorganized on the island of Agilkia as it was on Philae Island. The construction of this temple consists of the Mammisi, which is in the center and the ambulatory is behind it, then there are two pylons to the north and to the south.

To the left of the smaller pylon, there is the main temple of goddess Isis. To the right of the large pylon, there is the long open court which extends to the south of the island.

Ptolemy I made this island to be a cult center of goddess Isis to create a struggle between the priests of goddess Isis – which was the goddess of Philae temple – and the priests of god Khunum. According to this struggle, he could be able to know what happened in the southern borders of the country.

Source: www.memphistours.com/about-egypt/Philae-Temple.php

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