The Egyption ancient River Nile Life

Nile CRUISE BOATS of every shape, size and type cluster along Luxor‘s busy Corniche. Under a golden dawn, date palms and minarets create dark silhouettes. A muezzin’s call drifts through the still-air as we cross to the West bank of this legendary river to visit tombs among desert hills in the Valleys of the Kings and Queens.
Walking down the long, rock-hewn passageway of Pharaoh Ramses IV’s tomb, under a curved-blue roof dotted with golden stars, the intricacy of the decoration, the attention to detail, the bright colors and the craftsmanship of the painters, sculptors and stone carvers leave us mesmerized.
Returning to the boat for a well-earned lunch, we’re welcomed with cold towels and a refreshing lemon drink. Back in the cabin, we find our towels carefully arranged in the shape of a lotus flower. On each day of this cruise, we will be surprised and, delighted by the imaginative artistry of our steward!
It is peaceful and relaxing sailing along the river from Luxor to Aswan, lazily watching life go by on its banks. Lush fields of sharp green are fringed with date palms; square buildings define towns and mud-walled villages. There are glimpses of black-swathed women and white-robed men, and giggling youngsters swimming in the shallows. Pink Sandstone Mountains bleach into a white-blue sky.
Approaching Edfu, the long bridge crossing the Nile is heavy with traffic. Our transport to the splendid Temple of Horus is horse-drawn. The powerful double-faced pylon (entrance) leads to halls of great columns, chambers and antechambers,- polished black granite and massive reliefs of life-sized figures.
At Aswan, seeing the amazing 133ft-long unfinished obelisk, which has lain in a red granite quarry for 3,000 years, brings home the extraordinary feats of an ancient culture. The city’s setting is beautiful Blue Nile, green islands and amber desert.
We fly to Abu Simbel on an optional tour that is certainly worth every cent. Arguably the grandest, most glorious example of ancient Egyptian architecture, the temples and giant statues there were carved from a sandstone mountain around 1290BC as a powerful statement by Pharaoh Ramses II (he of the 20 wives and 150 children) to honor himself and his favourite wife Nefertari. They simply take your breath away.
Our Nile cruise was memorable in so many ways, not least for the insight the Egyptologist guides gave us into the culture, religions and beliefs of the Ancient Egyptians. They brought history to life

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