Tours to: Temple Dancer turned to be King’s Son

Researchers claim to have identified an Egyptian mummy exhibit in Britain as a son of the powerful Pharaoh Ramsses II.
Using CT scanning, they solved the mystery of the 3,000-year-old mummy kept on display at Bolton Museum for 80 years, which was earlier thought to be that of a female temple dancer.
According to the researchers, the CT scan results showed the mummy’s features reminiscent of the Egyptian royal family. It is one of the 110 children Ramsses is thought to have fathered, they concluded.

In fact, test results revealed that the mummy had a pronounced over-bite and misaligned eyes, akin to members of the 19th Dynasty, and his facial measurements were found to be almost identical to those of Ramsses himself.
Even chemical analysis showed that the body had been embalmed using expensive materials, including pistachio resin and thyme, the preserve of priests and royalty, the research team said.
They estimated that the mummified man died in his thirties between 1295 and 1186 BC of a wasting disease, likely to be cancer.

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